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npm i -g @hyperjumptech/monika

Why Monika

Free and Open Source Synthetic
Monitoring Tool

Monitor Multiple Websites

You can add as many websites as you want to monitor with Monika to help grow your business.

Monitor Service Quality

With Monika, you can monitor website several status such as down or slow based on notifications.

Various Notifications

Get notified of the incidents on your website through your favourite communication tools like SMTP mail, telegram, and etc.

Customizable Requests

Monitor all parts of your websites. For example, you can monitor your login performance with Monika.

Requests Chaining

Request chaining enables you to send multiple requests and the ability to use past responses as parameters.

Whatsapp Notifications

Get alert notifications directly to your WhatsApp account.

Monika Quick Start

Sleep well knowing that your server is working as it should be

Monitor every part of your web app using a simple JSON configuration file. Get alerts not only when your site is down, but also when it's slow.

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