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About Monika

Thank you Monika by Hyperjump. With Monika, we can improve our services SLA, get notified early when we have a server issue. Easy to install, have multi notification channels, can be setup from different server regions, and is easy to integrate on the dashboard make it all complete and help us to analyze the issue asap.

Eric Sudadyo

DevOps Manager, Yummycorp

Before using Monika, we were unaware when our website is down until our users reported it. We don’t want it to happen again. Now with Monika, we are notified much faster so our team can react quicker to solve the issue. Thank you, Monika!

Marsya Nurmaranti

Executive Director, Indorelawan


4 Simple Steps to Start Monika

Here are the steps to guide you to use Monika.
Hold your worry, this won't take hours for you to understand.

1. Decide what to monitor

Already know what you want to monitor? Great! First step done!


2. Install

npm i -g @hyperjumptech/monika

Get Monika using the popular package manager: Homebrew (macOS), Snap (Linux), or Chocolatey (Windows)


3. Create configuration file

You need monika.yml. Define how requests are set up (Probe), how it is triggered (Alerts), and how would you like to receive the notifications. Use our Config generator to get the monika.yml super easily!

Monika Config Generator


4. Run Monika

Monika by default reads a yaml configuration file called monika.yml in the current working directory if it exists. Run this command in the Terminal from the directory that contains the monika.yml file:


Congratulations! Your web app is being monitored and Monika will send you notification if something happens.


What more can I do with Monika?

Here are Monika's capabilities and features to inspire and get you to start monitoring your IT systems.
Connecting Monika with PrometheusBy marrying Monika with Prometheus, you can display and query Monika’s data beautifully in Prometheus GUI or other data visualization tools like Grafana.Read more
Use Existing Postman Collections with MonikaPostman is one of the great tools to monitor your API, but maybe you’re looking for a free and open-source solution for your needs. With Monika, you can easily monitor websites without any monthly limitations. You can install Monika anywhere you want and monitor your websites right away.Read more
TLS certificate reminderWith Monika, you don’t have to worry about expiring TLS certificates anymore. Not that only you have prevented your TLS certificate from being expired, you also monitored your website performance. Hitting two birds with one stone.Read more
Chaining requestWith Monika, you can add as many requests as you want to monitor. You can monitor several undesirable events such as service outages or slow services.Read more

Get Started with Monika Now!

Monika is an open source synthetic monitoring command line application. it is actively developed and completely free!

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