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This article covers how to deploy a Monika instance to

  1. Go to the Monika Github repository and download two files: Dockerfile.flyio and fly.toml.example

  2. Rename the fly.toml.example to fly.toml`.

  3. Edit the contents of the fly.toml:

    app = "monika" # Change the app name to the desired name
    kill_signal = "SIGINT"
    kill_timeout = 5
    dockerfile = "Dockerfile.flyio"
    PARAMS = "-v" # Change the parameters according to your needs
    PARAMS = "-v" # Match the content of this PARAMS variable to the one in `build.args` block
    auto_rollback = true

    Refer to the App Configuration Docs to customize the example TOML even further.

  4. Install CLI tools (flyctl) in your computer

  5. a. Proceed to authenticate to by running flyctl auth login in your terminal.

    b. If you haven't signed up to yet, you can sign up by running flyctl auth signup in your terminal.

  6. Create a new app by running flyctl apps create and enter the app name according to your fly.toml you have created before.

  7. Deploy Monika to your by running flyctl deploy

  8. Wait until the deployment is finished, and check Monika logs from the dashboard to confirm that your Monika instance is running.

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