Run Monika in Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi is a good hardware to run Monika. For Raspbian OS user, you need to install NodeJS >= 14 manually since Raspbian package manager (apt) only install for NodeJS 8.

Install Node 14 in Raspbian

Monika needs NodeJS >= 14 and npm ~= 6 to run.To install NodeJS 14 in Raspberry Pi (Raspbian OS), you need to get CPU architecture by running uname:

uname -a

Next, download NodeJS package that matches your architecture. For example, if your architecture is arm v7:

# Other architectures are available at
uname example

Un-tar the file:

tar xf node-v14.17.3-linux-armv7l.tar.xz

And install NodeJS globally:

sudo cp -R node-v14.17.3-linux-armv7l/* /usr/local/
install nodejs

Check NodeJS and NPM version using this command:

node -v
npm -v
nodejs & npm version

Install and Run Monika in Raspbian

For now, the way to install Monika in Raspbian is to install from source code.

There are two ways to get Monika in Raspbian, from archive file and via Git.

  • Download Monika source code archive
cd ~
mkdir monika-src
cd monika-src
# Download latest tarball and directly extract it to current directory
wget -c `wget -S -O - | grep -o -E "https://(.*)tarball(.*)/([^\"]+)"` -O - | tar -xz --strip-components=1
  • Get Monika from our Git repository
cd ~
git clone --depth 1 --branch `git -c 'versionsort.suffix=-' ls-remote --exit-code --refs --sort='version:refname' --tags '*.*.*' | tail -1 | cut -d'/' -f 3`
cd monika/

Looking for other versions? Check here

  • Download Monika dependencies and prepack
npm install && npm run prepack

Run Monika

To run Monika, use this command

./bin/run -c monika.example.yml
nodejs & npm version

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